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Sunrise Cyclery is located in the heart of Logan, Utah. Jeff Keller open the shop in 1981 and it has been a central part of Logan’s cycling culture ever since. Our Utah bike shop has been part of bringing epic events to Cache Valley like the LoToJa Classic, a 206 mile one day road race from Logan to Jackson Hole Wyoming. With over 50 years combined experience in the bike industry, we are Logan’s bike authority!

Our Logan, Utah Bike Shop Location

“The Blue House” as it has come to be called, has been the mecca for cyclists in Cache Valley for over 30 years. As stated on the Logan City page, “Founded in 1866, Logan is nestled on the east side of Cache Valley in Northern Utah at the mouth of Logan Canyon. Logan became the principal city in the valley because of its central location and abundant water supply for mill and irrigation. Farmers and their families gathered here to buy and sell, and industries grew to service the community. You can catch a glimpse of Logan’s past in the Logan Historic District, which includes the large and beautiful homes on Center Street, and the businesses that line Main Street.

Logan has grown steadily since those early days, and is now a thriving community of nearly 50,000. What was once a small agricultural town in now a bustling business center home to many multinational companies in diverse industries such as electronics, publishing, food processing, and manufacturing. While Logan is proud of its heritage, we also look to the future, creating a community that is unique in its City services, culture, and educational opportunities, recreation options, and business economy.

Many things set Logan apart from other communities of its size. Logan boasts an exceptionally high quality of life because the city provides many of the cultural benefits of larger cities while maintaining a friendly, rural atmosphere. As a Logan resident, you can enjoy a four-season climate and numerous recreational opportunities including the Ellen Eccles Theater, hundreds of acres of parks, ample access to boating, fishing, hunting, hiking, Nordic and Alpine skiing, and camping, all with in a short drive from downtown.

Logan is also home to Utah State University, a nationally accredited university that provides many educational opportunities as well as a host of civic and sporting activities. Over 20,000 students attend Utah State University, and make Logan home during their educations. Utah State University is a partner to the city, and is of vital importance to Logan’s economy and quality of life.

To serve Logan residents, Logan City provides such unique services as our own power system, recycling programs, neighborhood improvement, and a proactive fire and police department who protect and educate the city. Visit other areas of the site to learn more about the different departments and how they serve the citizens of Logan.”

Sunrise Cyclery is a Utah bike shop based in Logan specializing in new bicycle sales, bike repair, and general maintenance. With our location in the heart of downtown Logan, the trail system and road routes couldn’t be closer. Since 1981, our shop has provided Cache Valley with cycling excellence. Come by today, say hello, and go riding!


Doing the Math

Having Math Done for You

Raleigh Bike Gear Ratio CalculatorI’m not particularly a fan of calculating things. The idea of figuring out proper gear ratios for my most recent bike build seemed daunting and time consuming. In proper karma fashion though, this Raleigh Gear Ratio Calculator popped up in the shop. It’s premise is simple – it’ll do the math for you.

The original gear ratio for my build was going to be a 52/36 front chainring combo with a 12-29 rear cassette. I liked the idea of having a large range with the front pulling power of a 52, also I wouldn’t be criticized for being on a “junior” crankset – I was ready to become one of the big boys. FYI for this build all the components are Campagnolo in origin, in case you’re looking for a similar combo, but read on for what I learned.

Gear ratio calculator are fairly common, but I had never thought to see mathematically how far a gear combination would actually roll. So after talking with Jeff (the bike shop and LoToJa race guru) and realizing math might give me an advantage, I played with the calculator. Here’s the math:

  • If I have a 52 tooth front chainring and a 12 tooth rear cassette cog, I’ll travel 30.5 feet.
  • If I have a 50 tooth front chainring and an 11 tooth rear cog, I’ll travel a little over 31.5 feet, roughly 1 foot further.
  • If I have a 36 tooth small chainring and a 29 tooth rear cog, I’ll travel 8.75 feet.
  • If I have a 34 tooth small chainring and a 25 tooth rear cog, I’ll travel a little over 9.5 feet, almost 1 foot further.
  • The Campagnolo Chorus 12-29 rear cassette weighs 292 grams, the same cassette in an 11-25 range weighs 241 grams, a weight savings of 51 grams.

What these numbers exhibit is that with the compact (50/34 & 11/25 gear combination), or as my racing buddies so loving say “junior” rings, actually will move me further and lighter than the 52/36 & 12/29 gear ratio combination I had originally planned on. So next time someone hassles you about your compact chainrings, remember, you’ve done the math.